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Decking Installation

Choosing a decking among several types could be a complicated and expensive process if this is not carried out by a professional.

We at Snow White Handymans are here to help you choose suitable options for your garden. From the moment you call us, we would guide you through the whole process with professional and expert advice.

Please read below our brief guide of what we offer and how the process is handled.

Getting the perfect deck does not simply mean getting the proper material. Therefore we suggest you first call a professional to help decide you the best deck possible—the climate, area, and decking usage matter when choosing the proper type of decking.

There are various types of decking materials, and depending on the area you live in and its application, our expert specialist, will give you the best advice.

The three main types of decking materials found in each specialist shop and online store are softwood, hardwood, and composite.

Softwood comes from the fast-growing trees, making it the cheapest option than hardwood and composite decking, but the weaker and does not last longer up to 25years.Softwood decking requires more maintenance than the other two types, but it is easy to instal, and you can change the colour and finish as often as you want.

Hardwood decking comes from slow-growing trees like Oak, which is one reason to be the most expensive decking. These deckings require less maintenance and last longer than softwood ones.

Composite decking has been made from both softwood and hardwood decking, and thanks to their unique mix, they look incredible and last for over 50 years.

Regardless of which of the above you will choose, the proper installation is the next step to consider. In addition to manufacturer instruction, local and national building regulations must be followed. Failure to do so may lead to shortening product performance and will void the manufacturer’s guarantee.

We focus on each key stage of the fitting process with provide you with step by step assistance and dividing the whole process into four key areas:

-Pre-installation - this is a vital part of any project. The proposed decking area must be cleared and to lay the foundation blockwork.

decking 1

-Subframe construction- each decking requires a different subframe solution. Sufficient ventilation is primary within the sub-frame to prevent condensation build-up under the deck surface. The timber must be free draining and must dry out after periods of intermittent wetting. It is also compulsory to ensure the zone below the deck is free draining to prevent water pooling below the deck surface. This is highly critical when installing a deck over a waterproof membrane.

-Installing board and trims-once subframe has installed, next is deck boards installing.

-Design consideration - each project includes additional features. Our recommendations on design considerations offer handy tips on how you can go about fitting composite decking products to achieve these features on your project best.

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Our clients about us

Kingston KAC

Reliable company, very impressed with the handy man`s work. Recomended!

Gavin Byford

Dan and the team were great, my bathroom pocket door had stopped opening, after assessment it looked like a new door was to be installed, after a they started to do the work it was clear it only needed a small about of work on some bolts, they stopped the purchase of the new door and fixed the problem within 1 hour. Tidied up and didn’t even stop for a cup of tea. Saved me over £300! Brilliant people, brilliant service. I will be using them for all my future jobs. Thanks so much Snow White.

Rockstar Property Academy

We’ve worked with Snow White on several projects now and we’re always happy with the service. Daniel and Yana have become friends now, they recently took us out for dinner too! They’re an ethical family/friends -run business that always put the customer first. Don’t hesitate to work with Snow White, they’re a great company.

Mary-Ann P

Christian worked in my home ‪and he was an absolute star! He was so professional, efficient and thorough. He listened carefully to what I wanted and excelled at not only doing exactly what was asked of him, but by going the extra mile too. He was kind, humble and gracious, and I would be very happy to have him work in my home again.

Eamon McDonald

I had a fairly substantial project that would need great care and communication throughout.There was a great need for complete transparency as the works were to be constrained by budget.From experience I know that there are always those hidden problems that no one expects until you get into the build.For this reason it's essential to have a team that can adapt and draw on their wealth of experience to get a first class result.The Snow White team kept me up to date every step of the way and most importantly kept a close watch on costs.The quality of work is excellent and the builders were both professional and tidy.I have appointed Snow White for all my future builds...well done and Thank You!

Alison Wood

Snow White gave me a very reasonable estimate for repairing and repainting the outside of my house. So pleased I used them as I'm delighted with the results. Can't fault them.

L Oconnor

Excellent service from start to finish. I am extremely pleased with the work that was done - removal of an electric fireplace, space plastered over, wallpaper removed on the same wall and also plastered over. The office were easy to contact, they visited quickly to give me a quote, and then the work was scheduled very quickly after this. The builder was very professional, courteous, hard working and tidy. I would definitely recommend this company and would use them again for other work.

Nicholas Powell

Snow White professionals were absolutely excellent. They did everything and more that we asked for, on time and on budget. The standard of work, tidiness and attention to detail were all extremely good. We are incredibly pleased with the work and will definitely use them again.

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