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Power Flush Services

What is Power Flush?

Corrosion in heating systems happens naturally, and scale black sludge and rust in your heating system. It often takes a few years to build up but can cause many problems such as blockages, ineffective heating, and damage to the boiler.

What is black sludge? Black sludge building up inside your heating system due to water circulating through the system and react chemically with steel and copper elements. Preventions always are better than repair. Power Flash will solve the problem.


How does it work?

Our operatives will connect a special pump to the heating system and inject chemicals that decompose black sludge and limescale. Power Flush usually takes one day and depends on the size of the property, respectively the size of the heating system. Once completed, the procedure provides clean radiators, pipes and boiler. Right after will be added corrosion inhibitor.

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What is Central Heating Corrosion Inhibitor?

Central Heating Inhibitor is a liquid chemical mixture of potassium tetraborate tetrahydrate, disodium molybdate, sodium nitrate and triethanolamine. It works as an essential part of the heating system protecting all metal parts. Аll chemicals work together, and the chemical reaction eliminates the possibility of building black sludge and limescale again.


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Our clients about us

Andy Whitting

Snow White have done several jobs for us, ranging from garden maintenance and installing fencing to blocking up an old doorway and making some bespoke shelving. The quality of every job have been excellent. Their staff all work hard; arrive at 8am and work through to late afternoon to get the job done. Unlike many companies, it's easy to get hold of the boss, they're always willing to quote even for small jobs, and the quotes arrive quickly. After trying a few other companies, with mixed results, we'll be sticking with Snow White.

Andrew Joyce

Fantastic service for both decorating and garden fencing. Highly professional. Would recommend.

Eamon McDonald

I had a fairly substantial project that would need great care and communication throughout.There was a great need for complete transparency as the works were to be constrained by budget.From experience I know that there are always those hidden problems that no one expects until you get into the build.For this reason it's essential to have a team that can adapt and draw on their wealth of experience to get a first class result.The Snow White team kept me up to date every step of the way and most importantly kept a close watch on costs.The quality of work is excellent and the builders were both professional and tidy.I have appointed Snow White for all my future builds...well done and Thank You!

Alex Scafolding Ltd

Daniel and his team are very hardworking, reliable and meticulous, and have done a great job of renovating the whole house inside and out including installing new bathrooms, decorating, carpentry, pointing and leadwork. They are always happy to help and we would definitely recommend them and use their services again.

Liam Izod

Snow White did a great job cutting away my patio to create a gravel trench. Swift, neat, professional and at a fair price. Will definitely use again.

Michelle Footitt

George fitted a new bar shower, he did a great job and I would definitely use him again, highly recommended.

Gavin Byford

Dan and the team were great, my bathroom pocket door had stopped opening, after assessment it looked like a new door was to be installed, after a they started to do the work it was clear it only needed a small about of work on some bolts, they stopped the purchase of the new door and fixed the problem within 1 hour. Tidied up and didn’t even stop for a cup of tea. Saved me over £300! Brilliant people, brilliant service. I will be using them for all my future jobs. Thanks so much Snow White.

Nicholas Powell

Snow White professionals were absolutely excellent. They did everything and more that we asked for, on time and on budget. The standard of work, tidiness and attention to detail were all extremely good. We are incredibly pleased with the work and will definitely use them again.

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